Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The start of something new

This is my blog. It has no single focus, but much of it will be focused on my attempts at living a primal lifestyle as per the "Primal Blueprint" of Mark's Daily Apple. This is an interesting challenge, given my diverse collection of interests and goals in life.

I came to discover the
paleo/primal/whatever you want to call it lifestyle after being diagnosed with a fake medical condition (one which I will not publicly identify). I was put on prescription medication for this condition, but after discovering the Primal Lifestyle, I ditched that. This brings up the point, however, that there are numerous "medical conditions" (both real and fake) that the folks at the pharmeceutical companies would have you believe require lifelong treatment regimens that conveniently line their pockets while pushing our economy further into the shitter (see: nationalized healthcare). However, these issues can be treated, managed, and possibly cured (yes, I said cured! A dirty word in a medical world heavily influenced by pharmeceutical companies) by simply making a few lifestyle improvements found in the "primal blueprint." Does medication help people? Yes. Should it be used in place of a healthy lifestyle? Absolutely not.

I will at some point post a more lengthy entry on this, but I thought that a simple introduction would be appropriate for the time being. I devote most of my free time and money to climbing (and other outdoor stuff), so if you are bored enough to be reading this, expect to see a lot of trip reports and posts related to that as well.

Also, as a disclaimer I will say that I am not 100% primal. I still eat low-carb tortillas (usually as more of a convenience -- it's hard to take bacon, chicken, eggs, etc on a backpacking trip) and I am a human being and have my vices. I think the important thing for people trying to be healthy is to pick and choose what unhealthy things you really like and what ones you don't
really care that much about and to use moderation in indulging in the ones you choose to have.

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