Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Being Primal on Campus

I will really try to update this more often, but I've been kind of busy and without regular Internet access for the past couple weeks. And by busy, I mean I'm taking 17 credit hours this semester, including some classes that actually have some substance and require thinking (as opposed to, oh, say, any class in the Recreation department. Because it's so hard to write an essay about your favorite thing to do outside). Fortunately, I find most of my classes interesting; the only one that seems a bit dull is Geoscience Writing (GEOL-302), which is required for my major. Even my art class is ok.

So the point of this blog is about my experiences being primal as a college student. Obviously the main challenge that any primal student faces is the price of healthy, organic, grass-fed/cage-free food. Most of the time, I can't afford to eat completely organic, which raises the question of which is better to sacrifice: the organic produce or the grass-fed/cage free beef? While I think beef infused with hormones should be avoided at all costs, I don't like the idea of putting chemicals sprayed on fruits and vegetables in my body either.

The reason for avoiding meat with hormones in it is that I definitely believe that consuming these hormones causes imbalances in human hormones, which directly contributes to a lot of the prevalent health problems in our society today. This is not to say that grains don't play a huge part as well, but, while I'm no biochemist, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the hormones in animal products also do their share of damage.

The other big challenge that one might face, as a primal college student, is living in the dorms and eating the crap served by school cafeterias. While it is quite conceivable that one could get 3 chicken sandwiches and just throw away the buns, surviving on that and the wilted lettuce in the salad bar doesn't seem very thrilling.

College throws a lot of unhealthy temptations at us. Spending all day sitting around in class (unless you're fortunate enough to be a geology major), unhealthy cafeteria food, all-nighters requiring copious amounts of caffeine, pizza, and of course, keggers. Yes, you can theoretically stock up on healthier options to resort to when your floormates are ordering pizza, but there is a certain social stigma that one will inevitably encounter in this situation. And just try convincing a bunch of 18-20 year old women that Shape magazine is not the ultimate gospel of fitness and nutrition.

In my next entry I will discuss my experiences living primal as a college student -- now, prior to, and during my transition to this lifestyle.

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  1. Hey! I am glad I have met someone closer to my age on the Mark's Daily Apple forms...

    I certainly agree that grass fed and free range meats are more important than organic produce. I got the feeling that you agree, but it isn't perfectly clear in your text...

    People in the mountainous parts of Colorado certainly do like their meat (maybe due to hunting and fishing popularity)and seem more open. Thus is NOT the case in Boulder.
    Exhibit a: (there are a lot more of these) My biology teacher was talking about saturated fats today in class... wow. I said a few things but could never throw her off. She is one of those low fat people who are obsessed with telling the world that vegetable oils are healthy and runs away her "calories". No, I don't know that she runs, she hasn't even told me. I can tell because she looks disgustingly thin and muscular with veins popping out. Looks to be 80-90lbs or so and is quite tall. It is sad...

    Oh! and I have a suggestion:
    Please get rid of the white on black. Yes, it looks cool, I agree, but it hurts the eyes and is little too much to read. Maybe have black in the very background with a strip of white down the middle with dark text?

    Keep up the blogging. I tried once and quit after a few months.