Monday, February 15, 2010

Rugby in the snow

There are few things in life quite like a rugby tournament in the middle of February. Playing a rugby game in the snow is one thing, but spending all day out in it is quite another. Of course, being that it was a rugby tournament, people were keeping warm in a true rugby fashion: with copious amounts of alcohol.
Since we were playing ten people on a side, I got to try my hand at a couple new positions -- prop and hooker. Not my most glorious moment on the field but it was fun. The St. Valentine's Day Massacre is by no means a serious tournament ... I mean, we're playing with a foot of snow on the ground, missing tackles because we're slipping all over the place on it, and getting progressively more tipsy throughout the day -- how serious
could it be?
I will say though, that nothing unleashes my "inner Viking warrior" quite like playing rugby in the snow.

However, it's weekends like this one that definitely sort of put the primal lifestyle in perspective. Beer at a rugby game aside, seeing just how terrible the food that most people put into their bodies (and the quantities they consume it in) is definitely gives me a renewed sense of self-respect. Furthermore, it makes me realize just how active (mentally and physically) my lifestyle choice has made me.
I really, really CANNOT sit in front of a television for more than an hour (two at most) and just zone out. Even then, if I'm going to watch for more than 10 minutes, it really needs to be something worth watching (i.e. definitely NOT Olympic speedskating. Watching people skate in circles is not really that different from watching NASCAR). It amazes me that people spend upwards of 5 hours a day sitting on their ass mindlessly plugged in to whatever garbage is on. I can't even watch shows that I
like (not that there are very many of them, mind you) for that long.
Also, I'm just going to say right now that I don't care about the Olympics, at all. I really don't care. I'd rather be out riding down a mountain on my snowboard than watching someone else ride down a mountain on his/her snowboard. It's not that I'm jealous of other people's talent, it's that I don't care. And I don't make idols out of other people, many of whom are only at this level of skill because their parents pushed it when they were kids. Really, what kid CHOOSES to do anything when they're 3-5 years old? Huh?
The logic is really the same logic behind not watching
any other sporting events on TV ... I would rather go out and play some 1-on-1 with a buddy or just shoot freethrows by myself than watch other people do it. I guess I'm just an active person like that.

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