Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Field Geology: it doesn't get much more primal than this

So, GIS is pretty much done with ... I have one last project to finish up by this Friday and then I'm done. The skills were easy enough, and I can see how GIS software is good to know how to use (another thing to add to my resume), but holy hell, sitting in front of a computer for hours on end really sucks. Sure, I waste enough time surfing the internet and stuff at home, but I get up periodically and do other things without even thinking about it.
Now that GIS is done with, Field Geology has started. And this is about the closest thing to a primal college class that exists. We spend about 6-7 hours out in the field every day, walking around and mapping the geology of a region (the class is 4 weeks long and we are going to go to a different place every week). Essentially, this translates to about 6-7 hours of very casual-paced walking every day (stopping periodically, of course, to mark a feature on the map or jot down some observations).
When it comes to the 10 guidelines of the Primal Blueprint, I'd say that this class follows at least three of them (moving around a lot at a slow pace, getting sunlight, and using one's mind).

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