Monday, July 25, 2011

Pistachio "Paleo" Bread

Did she just say "dessert?" Absolutely. How un-primal. Everyone is really good and nice and 100% faithful to the primal diet and doesn't ever even think about eating sweet things. Yeah, keep telling yourselves that. It's not like nuns/monks/priests ever think about having sex ... oh, wait ...

So I took the basic idea/methodology behind the almond/flax bread in the previous post and switched things up a little. I made this bread with pistachios, added a little stevia to sweeten it, and topped it with cherries and whipped cream.

If you don't think this looks delicious, you are not human.
PS -- it is made with pistachios, but during the preparation I burnt them a bit while trying to dry them out after blanching them, so that's why the bread/cake doesn't look very green. It still tasted good (and I'm sure it would be even better without slightly burnt pistachios).

To start off, you'll need to grind up pistachios, effectively making "pistachio meal." Take a bunch of pistachios and shell them. About half a cup of shelled pistachios should give you enough ... I used more than that and had way more pistachio meal than I needed (guess I'll have to make this again... damn, what a shame).

Part 1: Blanching The Pistachios
In a small saucepan, bring about 1 cup of water to a boil. Drop the pistachios in and remove from heat immediately. Let the pistachios sit in the water for about a minute, then drain the water. The pistachio skins should peel off pretty easily now.

Part 2: Drying The Pistachios.
I live in the Northwest, and it's pretty humid here (though not as bad as Michigan!), so I figured I'd dry the pistachios out a bit in the oven before grinding them down. Problem was, I got distracted by funny youtube videos and left them in there a little too long. They'd probably have turned out a lot better if I'd have not left them in there too long. Oh well.

Part 3: Making Pistachio-Meal
Throw them in your food processor and grind 'em up! You'll probably end up with a few small coarse sand-sized fragments, but they don't affect the quality of the final product as long as you get most of them ground up pretty fine.

Part 4: Making Pistachio Cake
Follow the directions for Rivvin's Bread, but use the pistachio meal (duh) and add a bit of stevia. Yeah, stevia. If you're a "paleo purist" who has a problem with stevia, then GTFO.

Top with whatever you want. I used cherries and whipped cream, and it rocked.


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