Thursday, July 21, 2011

The "Bread" of Life

Well. I have a lot to say, not much of which is paleo-diet related, so I'm going to make a quick food post today because there's been way too many posts that aren't recipes recently. As in, two. Whatever.

I can't take credit for this wonderful, heavenly, ridiculously awesome creation. As a real geologist (wtf?), though, it is a godsend.

The ultimate bread recipe from Rivvin of the Mark's Daily Apple Forum.

At first, I was a little apprehensive -- I was like, bread? In the microwave? No way. But I made it, and it works, and it actually has a taste and texture that resembles that of real bread.

I generally use a mixture of both almond and flax meal, and I've done some variations, including adding rosemary and making it with bacon fat instead of butter (I've never used coconut oil for this; I hate the taste of coconut oil combined with anything involving eggs), and it is good! I can eat sandwiches again! Now, I just need a woman to make me one while playing Call of Duty.

But this food-related post suddenly became really non-food-related, so, back to the bread/sandwich!
Today I took a BLMCT (Bacon Lettuce Mushroom Cheese Tomato) sandwich to work, and it ruled.

Seriously, this bread actually functions like real bread... it doesn't fall apart like 99% of the almond/coconut/flax/etc bread recipes out there ... it stands up to all that and more. I used it as a hamburger bun (and I make ginormous hamburgers). Huh. The fact that "ginormous" is not highlighted is funny, because I'm pretty sure that isn't a word, but Microsoft thinks it is.

This bread is so awesome, I'm going to try it with other types of nut meal (I have a small food processor so I can easily grind my own), and more additions. Stay tuned.

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