Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I train for vacation

So I'm heading back to Ecuador over spring break to go another round with Cotopaxi. Hopefully this time, the outcome will be better -- I'm in better shape than I was two years ago, and I've got some cipro to guard against any weird South American gut infection that may try to foil my plans.

I'm going initially with the geology club for their hazards field trip, then staying a few extra days with one of the hydro grad students to do some climbing.

So I'm spending like 1-2 hours a day working out at the moment, which kind of ends up being a lot more time than you would think, which is why I haven't posted anything, even though I've made lots of delicious paleo meals to stay healthy while I get my ass in shape.

Ok, I was never really out of shape, but man, when I went backcountry snowboarding back home over Christmas break, I was sure feeling the thin air at 13,000'. Living at 2500' sucks -- but hey, I guess it's better than Portland (both for the lack of hipsters and the slightly higher elevation). Still, I'm pretty sure western Colorado is the best place to live. Ever. Utah would come close except for their retarded alcohol laws. Fucking Mormons.
(side note, I'm going to insult Mormons every chance I get until the 2012 election is over. The earth is not 6000 years old, humans did not ride dinosaurs, and birth control is not a sin ... wait, that's Gingrich, no, that's Santorum... THAT'S EVERY GOP CANDIDATE EXCEPT RON PAUL. DEAR AMERICA, PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND ELECT THE ONLY PERSON WHO ACTUALLY BELIEVES IN FREEDOM).

Ok, political rant over. Just needed to vent that shit since this is the only day of the year where I'll be ashamed of my state, but damn. I'm a geologist, so I get a little infuriated by people who want to amend the US Constitution to say that you can't teach science in schools and need to teach fictional literature in its place.

Yeah, I was going to talk about my training routine, right? If you're bored enough to be reading this, maybe you caught on and scrolled past all that shit so now you're here.
Sunday: 70minutes low intensity cardio, squats 5x8 (115), leg presses 10x10 (140), calf raises (a lot)
Monday: 55 minutes stairs. Unfortunately the school gym lacks an actual stairmaster, so I have to repeatedly go up and down the stairs in McClure Hall (there's 5 floors).
Tuesday: 70 minutes low intensity cardio, pullups 5x2 (2 is the most I can do right now), sprints 5x30sec, bench 5x5 (95), other upper body isolation exercises because I like looking muscular. Sue me.
Wednesday: Rest, or 30 minutes higher-intensity-cardio-than-M/T/Th/F, then same leg lifts as Sunday
Thursday: 70 minutes low intensity cardio, overhead lunges (20lbs) alternating with box jumps 3x20, random other lower body lifts depending what machines are open
Friday: Same as Tuesday
Saturday: 55 minutes stairs, and whatever random crap I feel like at the gym after. Or, hiking/snowboarding/something outdoors that involves my legs. Or, rest -- IF I didn't rest on Wednesday

So, again, if you're bored enough to be reading this, feel free to critique. And don't get on my case for the cardio, I'm about to go on a sweet mountaineering trip ... I'll probably vary my training more once I get back. There's a place in town that does Krav Maga classes, which looks pretty sweet.

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